ISC vs Town of Caledon

ISC vs Town of Caledon

Well I hope that you all are well and not suffering from Covid 19 infection. If so, I wish you a speedy recovery.

It’s been a long time coming and after Three and a half years of chasing our tails, meetings with the TRCA and the Town of Caledon, we have FINALLY gotten the Approval to Remediate the hole on our 100 yard range. This has been achieved by persistant efforts from your executive. Mainly Roman Guglielmi (VP), myself (Dante Caschera, President ) and Mr. Olivio Fatigati (ISC Lawyer and Member). Also thank you others that have assisted. It’s been a long journery but we are almost at the end.

The Town has CLOSED the complaint file that was made against ISC by former members. These complaints caused alot of misery and financial costs to our club. We have addressed all the safety issues that were ordered by the Town of Caledon, including fire hazard health and building department updates. So we are in compliance with all those and anything else that was deemed necessay.

There will be no fines levied against the club. So now we may proceed to remediate the site as per the approved drawings from the TRCA. We are now in the process of getting quotes from contractors to complete the requirements ASAP.

We would like to proceed with this work as soon as the quotes have been received and we have tendered out the contract. This project will be completed in it’s entirty by the contractor given the contract.

All the fill brought on site will have to meet TRCA requirements. This means that if there is any deviation from the requirements , it will be rectified by the contractor at no cost to us.

I hope this answers most of your questions and fears.

Respectfully, Dante Caschera ( President of ISC)

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