New Covid Update June 11 2021

New Covid Update June 11 2021

Reopening step 1

Step 1 of the roadmap will begin when:

  • 60% of Ontario’s adults receive at least one dose of a COVID-19covid 19 vaccine
  • public health indicators, such as hospitalizations, ICU occupancy and new admissions and case rates indicate the province can safely move to this step of the roadmap

Based on current trends in key health indicators, including the provincial vaccination rate, we will enter step one of the roadmap on Friday, June 11, 2021 at 12:01 a.m..

What can reopen in Step 1

Step 1 will allow more outdoor activities to resume with smaller, well-managed crowds where risk of transmission is minimized, and will permit retail, all with restrictions in place. This includes but is not limited to:

  • outdoor gatherings up to 10 people
  • outdoor dining up to 4 people per table
  • outdoor fitness classes, personal training and sports training up to 10 patrons. No games or practices permitted
  • essential retail at 25% capacity and discount and big box stores can sell all goods
  • non-essential retail at 15% capacity and can sell all goods
  • retail stores in malls closed unless the stores have a street facing entrance
  • indoor religious services, rites and ceremonies including weddings and funerals at 15% capacity of the room
  • outdoors religious services, rites and ceremonies including weddings and funerals are permitted with capacity limited to permit physical distancing of 2 metres
  • horse racing, motor speedways without spectators
  • outdoor pools and wading pools with capacity limited to permit physical distancing of 2 metres
  • outdoor zoos, landmarks, historic sites, and botanical gardens with capacity limited to 15% for ticketed areas
  • day camps
  • overnight camping at campgrounds and campsites, including Ontario Parks
  • golf courses, tennis courts, skateboarding parks, sports fields, BMX and skate parks, shooting ranges and archery ranges and horse riding.

Reopening step 2

Ontario will remain in step one for at least 21 days. We will then move to Step 2 if:

  • the province has vaccinated 70% of adults with one dose and 20% of adults with two doses
  • there are positive trends in public health and health system indicators


We encourage members to stay at home as much as possible. If you choose to visit the club, and use any areas of the ISC property, it is at your own risk. Members are expected to respect and follow the protocols and measures put in place. Anyone not following the protocols and Government regulations will be disciplined.

  1. All buildings are now closed including warming sheds.
  2. Everyone coming onto Islington Sportsmen’s Club Property must;
    1.  a. wear masks covering mouth and nose
    1. b. social distancing of 6 feet apart indoors and outdoors AT ALL TIMES
    1. c. keep gathering to 10 or less while wearing a mask and social distancing
  3. Clubhouse is only open to sign-in, fill in the Covid-19 screening form and use washrooms.
    1. Only one (1) member at a time (unless from same household) is allowed in the clubhouse.
    1. Members must leave the clubhouse immediately after completing sign-in and using washroom.
    1. No lingering or gathering in the clubhouse
    1. Must enter through front door and exit through back door onto back deck.
    1. Members must use hand sanitizer upon entering the clubhouse
  4. All persons entering the Clubhouse MUST complete a COVID-19 Screening. Screening forms are available at the sign-in desk. Also Covid Screening Scan is setup. You can scan the bar code and complete the screening on-line
  5. All ranges are limited to 5 persons at any time and gatherings of 10 or less. Social distancing of 6 feet and wearing Masks is MANDATORY at all times. Any maintenance required inside a building is limited to entrance of one person only.
  6. NO Guests – means the club is only open to members, their spouses and their children and grandchildren under the age of 18.
  7. Any member and/or their family must stay home if they;
    1. a. Are sick or experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19
    1. b. Have recently been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or someone who is exhibiting COVID  like symptoms
    1. c. Have travelled or been in contact with anyone who has travelled internationally within the last 14 days.
  8. Hatchery will be maintained. Only 6 members approved by the executive will be allowed in the hatchery. Masks and social distancing of 6 feet is MANDATORY at all times.
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