We are currently at Membership Capacity ”

Islington Sportsmen’s Club was founded in 1956. We are a private club for members and their guests only.

All new applicants must be sponsored by a current member of Islington Sportsmen’s Club. Currently we have a long waiting list and the estimated wait to become a member is 3 years.

All new applications for membership must be submitted by the sponsoring member in accordance with our Rules & By-Laws.

We pride ourselves in efforts to conserve and urge wise use of our natural resources, which include stable soil, unpolluted waters, perpetual forests, vegetation, fish, wild life, scenic and recreational reservations.

To study local resource conditions and to restore fish, game and its habitat, and to co-operate with the proper authorities in securing conservation plans and measures for betterment to the benefit of the community, to support sound conservation, and to oppose anti-conservation legislation, to promote good sportsmanship, to adhere to all game and fishery laws, and to conduct ourselves in an exempliary manner, to respect property rights of others, to pass on to our heirs, the joys and privileges of a better outdoors.

We are always pleased to hear from our community, and anyone with an interest in our club. We take your inquiries, feedback and other input very seriously, and will do all we can to assist you.

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